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Prompt Me: Day 25 (Nov. 25)

rojagato -- Something left on your plate

Usually it's broccoli, or some other green thing -- some other vegetable. I pick lettuce and tomatoes out of sandwiches carefully, with my fingertips and with forktines, prizing the edges from the grip of mayonnaise or salad dressing. I will also very carefully eject beans from chili, rolling them one at at time over the edge of the bowl or cup, making a little ring around the bottom of the dish -- this is why I always eat chili with two plates, one for the chili, one for the beans, if I eat it at all.

I've also become adept at extracting unwanted items from pizza over the years -- it's easy, just peel the cheese up and tug, and that's the end of the offending mushroom.

Sometimes I feel vaguely guilty about my fussy but yet uneducated palate -- you could even come close to embarassed, actually, as a descriptive term, and so there are days where I just don't say anything, or just don't eat anything, I cobble together something resembling a meal from spare parts -- container of milk here, anodyne protein drink there, and that's all the thinking I have to do. Sometimes that's a little bit of a relief, truth be told, being able to eat and not have to think, or go prospecting for textures that will be an unpleasant, meal-ruining surprise if my tongue finds them before my eyes do.

ctrlalttabby -- Uglier than a baboon's butt

I think I prefer the expression I first heard at Davidson: "Fell out the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. It conveys a sort of slapped pain that I connect with the visual of things I think are ugly -- ugly art, ugly houses, sometimes ugly people, most especially if they have made themselves ugly on purpose, if they were average or attractive to start with and then fouled it up, trying to be daring or trying to "fix" something.

But there are a lot of things that other people find to be ugly and I find to be beautiful, because they aren't quite perfect, or because they're funny looking -- I've read enough tabloids now to realize that society's concept of beauty is only distantly related to my own, and it's not just because all of those little blond girls look alike after a while.

medakse -- girl with a curl in the middle of her forehead

There once was a girl
who had a curl
right in the middle of her forehead
and when she was good
she was very, very good
and when she was bad
she was evil.

That was how I learned it, anyway, somewhere deep in the recesses of childhood. Having now looked it up (thank you, Intarweb) I can see it's a re-fashioning (mis-remembering?) of a Longfellow poem. I've always kind of liked it, as a poem -- it's a useful archetype for a good girl going bad, that curl being the cord to tug on, to bring her over to the dark side, and the signifier of her goodness and innocence -- how could you suspect a little girl with neatly arranged curls of being evil. Easily, I suppose, if you've ever seen _Interview with a Vampire_ or ever though Shirley Temple was perhaps a little creepy. At the moment it makes me think of Narcissa Malfoy dressing the house-elves up like babies.

sola -- an instance of adornment

Last winter, when I was going through my things in my parents house, I came across many small thinks -- trinkets, I guess, bought or acquired somewhere along the line -- sometimes things I had been given.

There's the cloak clasp from that one time I read someone's cards and he felt compelled to cross my palm with -- well, not silver, but metal; the tupperware bowl full of amythests, tigerseyes and other stones, and a scarf, from that year or two when I kept them in a circle by my window, at home and at school, because I liked them and it was an interesting and awkward thing to do; delicately painted pink and white piggybanks (two each, for artifx and I, a leather disc with an owl burned on it, snowly white against a black background, an echo of my SCAdian past; the choke-chain, large enough for a large dog, that I had bought at a pet-store and worn myself, hidden under sweaters. I remembered it being heavy against my collarbone.

And also there was a small bronze turtle on length of thick brown twine, that I picked up and held in my hand and wondered if I had planned to wear it myself or give it to someone, and if so who, and why didn't I do it? I had the vague memory that it had, at one time, been on a bit of purple ribbon, but I had taken it off, and put it on the twine on purpose. The twine was itchy in my hand; I can't imagine I expected anyone to wear it that way. Perhaps I had done it for safekeeping.

Anyway, one day, out at the mall with spaced1, I stopped into Hot Topic and found a necklace with a suitable chain and a detachable charm (a cloissoned Che', I think), and wedded the turtle to the chain, and hung it around his neck, as a Valentine's Day offering. And now when I see he is wearing it, it gives me a little jolt of happiness.

reddragdiva -- Uncyclopedia Brown

I remember reading the Encyclopedia Brown books; I think I also remember I found him to be somewhat insufferable. And so I am entertained by the idea of an Uncyclopedia Brown, at least as the Intarweb presents it -- a compendium of falseness, a children's book written by Oscar Wilde while high as a kite. I think I'd actually like to read that book, because I'd probably like it better than the originals.

I suppose you could see it as a metaphor for the Intarweb as a whole -- the world re-written by madmen and children, spinning stories long on punch but short on truth, a place where conspiracies seem logical and hallucinations as real as the desk their being typed at, where the line between fiction, fever dream and realness is thin and easy to cross.


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Dec. 10th, 2005 03:03 pm (UTC)
Oh my goodness. I think you win at the Uncyclopedia.
Dec. 10th, 2005 05:58 pm (UTC)
heh, thanks -- glad you liked it! be interesting to see who comes to visit because of the link.
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